1. Personal Loans: Loans that can be used for personal reasons/ personal exigencies at competitive interest rates. Such as;

  • Salary loans

  • Funeral loans

  • School fees loans

  • Medical loans

  • Rent loans

  • Pension loans

  • Short term Advances / Overdraft

  • Home improvement / Building loans

  • Loans covered by credit life insurance policy

2. Corporate Loans/ Commercial Loans: A full suite of lending product tailored to middle market and corporate customers.

  • SME’s

  • Cottage industries

  • Auto loan scheme

3. Group Loans: Loan products enable clubs, associations, co-operatives, churches, mosques, schools to access financing at competitive interest rates.

4. Micro-finance / Susu loan scheme: A product designed to assist organized groups and individuals to raise working capital for their economic ventures. This product is targeted at trades, artisans and micro-entrepreneurs.

5. Agri-business loans: Debt-based funding that help you purchase tools, improve or re-finance your farm business.

  • Crops

  • Livestock

  • Agro-processing

  • Marketing

6. Transport Loans: Is a facility that enables Transport Unions to acquire vehicles at competitive interest rate.

  • Auto Loan Scheme


An overdraft is a loan facility that is tailored to meet your need for money over and above your credit balance. It’s the ideal way to manage your money.


  • Once arranged, the facility is available and can be used whenever required

  • You don’t have to transfer funds from a separate loan account since the approved limit is loaded on to your current account.

  • The facility remains available even if you don’t use it (for the agreed period subject to review)

  • An overdraft is one of the least expensive forms of short-term finance

  • Repayment terms are negotiable up to 12 months

  • Loans covered by credit life insurance policy

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