Is an investment plan to enable the account holder guarantee the education of their ward to the highest level possible whether they are there alive or not or when they suffer life contingency disability and dread disease.

A savings account that can only be opened by parents and guardian for their children or wards to save towards the child’s personal and educational upkeep and also persons from 18 years and above. Gives the beneficiary a head start in life, helps cultivate a healthy savings habit in children and young adults.


Photocopy of Birth Certificate of the beneficiary.

A passport picture of the beneficiary (2yrs and above)

Two sized passport pictures of the parents/guardian.

A valid ID Card. (Ecowas Identity Card)

Utility Bill (Water/Electricity).

At least Ghc50 as opening balance and Ghc50 or more every month


Interest on an account helps investors earn as much as possible on the money they save. Interest on this product will be 15% per annum, subject to changes, periodically, to ensure that customers get good value for their money.

A deposit of Ghc50.00 and above every month. Deposit can be made by the account holder (i.e. the parent/guardian) or any person not below the age of 18yrs on behalf of the beneficiary. A standing order can be given to the Bank by a “salary customer” for such an amount to be deducted every month.

There will be no withdrawal from the account till the next five (5) years. Should there be a withdrawal due to an emergency beyond control, interest will be forfeited.

When the minor turns 18 years, the guardian or parent must notify the bank with a written letter to either transfer the account to the child’s name or both continues to hold as joint account.

There’s an exception for a day-old child to two (2) years; that a parent/guardian can make withdrawal of not more than half of the amount saved for the period of two years as the child’s first step of education with prove of document from the school e.g Prospectus or other relevant document.

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